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Kid Sales Policy

In addition to this policy, all goaties leave with a care page and a health record.

General Sales Info

When purchasing goats from me, you are also purchasing mentorship.  I strive to stay up to date on scientifically proven advances in goat husbandry so that I can offer the best possible information to my goat buyers at all times.  I care about the goats that pass through my homestead and I greatly appreciate when buyers stay in contact with me, be it problems they need advice on or updating me on how their goats are doing.  As I advance the genetics here, I hope to also see some of you in the show ring sporting Hungry Fox caprines!

This policy is subject to being updated as I deem appropriate.

  •  I take deposits to hold kids in your name once they are born AND determined officially available.

  • I generally do not like to take deposits on unborn kids, as I simply feel we aren't large enough of an operation at this time.  In the event the kid you desire isn't born, I might not have a backup kid to switch your deposit to and then it creates a hassle in my records :)

  • I will not accept a deposit on any kid that we are questioning to retain in the herd so as to not disappoint anyone. Like most breeders, we reserve the right to change our minds on any kids born, but we update this page and our waitlist folk regularly with our intentions.

  • Discounts on multiple kids!

  • Discounts for 4H youth buyers.

  • I will happily discuss discount potential for performance homes as a thank you for continuing our genetics.

  • I will entertain trades from other performance breeding homes for very specific situations, which helps diversify our genetics while maintaining small numbers.  At this time I am not interested in any Nigerian does/doelings or unproven bucklings.  We buy from other clean tested performance-minded breeders only.

  • All does are tested for CAE yearly, prior to kidding season.

  • All does receive CDT vaccines approximately 30 days prior to kidding.

  • All kids have cords and hooves dipped in iodine at birth and receive colostrum.

  • All kids are exposed to hay, grain, and minerals by 1 week of age and are fed in addition to their milk to ensure quality nutrition even beyond weaning from milk.

  • My coccidiostat policy is changing again, while I am working to identify the right management for our farm.  Kids are monitored very closely and may receive preventative treatment such as Bovatech.

  • ALL non-polled kids destined for pet homes or breeding homes will be disbudded.  NO EXCEPTIONS ANYMORE!


  • All bucks are pulled at birth and raised on bottle/lambar set up.

  • I anticipate that the majority of our bucklings for 2024 are destined for pet wether life or for freezer camp.  If you have interest in any potential bucklings as herd sires, please contact me early.

  • Discounts on bucklings if picked up earlier than later!  The faster they leave... :)

  • Any bucklings sold with the approved intention of being herd sires will have paperwork processed with ADGA/MDGA respectively by me prior to leaving.

  • I will be developing a DNA protocol this year for any bucklings leaving with papers, for future records.

  • Pet-destined bucklings will not be banded until 12 weeks of age and/or they can fully extend + have received their own CDT vaccines.  If your boy goes home prior to banding, please arrange to have me or someone else wether them when appropriate.


  • Doe kids can be pulled at birth, situation depending.  However, I prefer to dam raise doelings as it contributes to a cycle of good mothering instincts which are critical in homestead operations as well as lessening some of the burden on the humans during baby season.

  • Doe kids that are being dam raised will not leave prior to 14 weeks of age irrelevant of breed or your opinion.  Retained kids are on milk for 16 weeks here.

  • Any doe kids determined to be breeding quality will have paperwork processed with ADGA/MDGA respectively by me prior to leaving.

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