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Building, repairing, and adding are never ending tasks on a homestead.  Got some building materials laying around?  Unsure about trashing or passing an item?  We may be able to use it, please send us a pic!

items we constantly need:

  • measuring tapes

  • 5 gallon food grade buckets

  • Gamma lids

  • zip ties

  • pressure treated lumber

  • 2.5" exterior screws by the bucket full

  • 10mm sockets (hah hah hah)

  • duct tape

  • baled shavings

  • wood stall pellets

  • canning lids (no rings)

  • cement mix

  • gallon freezer Ziplocs

  • milk filters

  • spray bottles

  • mulch/wood chips

  • 20gal propane tanks/fills

Items we need for upcoming projects:

  • 16' hog fencing panels

  • 4" round fencing poles

  • wood screws and cement

  • pressure treated 2x4s and 4x4s

  • beer

  • free labor

Items we would love to have:

  • metal 150gal+ stock tank/other bird brooder

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