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- Moved on to new pastures, but their genetics made contributions to our current herd -
This section is consistently evolving and thus will probably always appear under construction.



Magic came from show quality, old New England genetics.  He has gone to sire for another herd that participates in more Nigerian performance than I care to do, and I wish them the best!
Magic is the sire of our first F1 MiniSable Zataran who is now deceased.  All of Magic's Nigerian daughters to date have left the farm, just the way it ended up :(
Magic has one remaining Nigerian son in our herd:  Hungry Fox Walks in Ashes.  He is young and promising.
Magic has two F2 MiniSable grand daughters in the herd:  Hungry Fox Z Buttercup and Hungry Fox Z Wren.  It appears that Magic improved udders on all his daughters across breeds to date.



Charlotte made us fall in love with Sables.  Her daughter Willa made us fall in love with MiniSables.
Unfortunately we made the decision to move Charlotte back to her original owner for retirement.  She now lives a glorious life of luxury with two of her retired daughters!
Willa carries on many of Charlotte's qualities for our herd.  Charlotte's MiniSable grand daughter Rylee displays all the best qualities of this Patina line.



Zataran was culled for a variety of reasons.
What he did right:  Increase the foreudder attachment on his daughter Buttercup while maintaining a well attached, larger teat structured, high and tight udder with excellent capacity.
His bucklings with Athena were all extremely correct, but Athena's udder requiring early retirement meant those boys weren't for breeding (not his fault.)
His retained daughters from Willa are all wonderfully in multiple ways and I look forward to Rylee freshening.
Things we didn't like:  Most of his offspring were born naturally unfriendly, irrelevant of the dam.  It takes considerable work to turn around their opinions of humans.  Two of his doelings with Athena were completely "upside down" with hips significantly higher than withers.  This may not hold true with the kids from Willa, hence why 2 are retained.  I really hate the look of his narrow rear leg/hip assembly which was inherited from his sire Magic.  This is a trait which I will now need to improve in his grandkids.  His sire's other offspring also had the seriously ugly rear assembly except for Walks in Ashes, one reason Magic is gone.
Two of his bucklings over the years had double teats.  No doelings, no parents, and no grandparents are known to have this defect, but it should not risk being passed again.
He also has a constant issue with zinc deficiency and hair loss.  Our well water antagonizes the needed minerals, so I need to breed for goats that are capable of thriving with reasonable supplementation and not excess supplementation.  Too many marks against him unfortunately.

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