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Winter 2023 edition

**Coming soon - 2022 farm year recap!**

  • We were blessed with some monetary gifts and "price is right" vehicle opportunities.  See the ups and downs of all the details in our 2022 recap.

  • Eric is working hard to get the Chevy on the road and we are looking to acquire a trailer to transport goats to shows.  That's right, we're diving in to some regional shows to help boost our knowledge and get our herd name out there.

  • Linear Appraisal is in the works!  I am absolutely psyched that a breeder friend is being a host this year!  Numbers prove the animal and it is time to know where we measure up on all our ADGA registered goats.

  • High on my mind is putting several does on milk test.  Another "first" here, but definitely an important step in breeding quality dairy animals.  Willa, Athena, and Iris are my top priority this year.

  • Our rabbitry operations are getting more serious.  I spent a few years learning the ropes of rabbit care and breeding, and now I am ready to move into dedicated continuous production of meat with the introduction of 4 lovely Silver Fox breeding rabbits.  Expanding our knowledge on conformation will hopefully yield some quality rabbits for sale as breeders.

  • It's time to consider my food garden plans, trim the orchard (did you read my 101?), and dream up any additions of flora or fauna on the homestead.

  • And as always, I have a million infrastructure woes, hopes, and big dreams going on.  What will Eric be building for us next?

2022 Recap


It is coming, and probably sooner than we'd like.

Major spring projects here include:

  • TO BE UPDATED!  Beautiful dreams are in our minds.  What will emerge this year?

  •   More mud remediation via massive amounts of pea stone being dropped on walking surfaces and even inside some goat pens.  The completion of the boardwalk project in East pen helped tremendously in getting our girls into a cleaner, bigger house.  Look for the pics in our recap!

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