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The ladies that deliver!

American Sables

Sables are our heart and soul at Hungry Fox.  This breed is not as well known and the genetic pools not as well refined as some of the more popular standard breeds are.  Genetically, Sables are identical to Saanens but possess the expression of color!  We are one of just a handful of breeders in the entire North East.


Minis are a passion project on the homestead.  Therefore, we have slimmed down on our retained Minis in the herd, but do expect to grow slightly over the next few years.  Our kidding page will list potential Mini kids when available.

Nigerian Dwarves

We have slimmed down on our acquisition and breeding of Nigerians for a multitude of reasons.  Most of these does, and their expected kids, will be available to new homesteads.

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