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F1 MiniSable


Athena has a similar temperament as Gwen: regal, but calm.
Received our first F2 kids from her and Willa this season!  She was a slightly dancey first freshener on the stand last year, but was mostly left alone to raise her doelings. 
Another doe that did not disappoint when it came to mothering skills, but unfortunately she would not agree to milksharing and taught 2022 kids to be wild.  We ended up pulling her kids to bottle and she has become a model citizen on the milkstand. She has a wonderful butter soft udder skin and huge orifices.  It takes about 2min to hand milk her out!
Hoping that next year she will better understand the process of both mothering and milksharing, so that her kids can stay with her without becoming terrified of humans.  We've come a long way with her and I have confidence that she adds great things to the herd and will continue to come around to humans.  Both her kids are retained this year.

At 22 days fresh, she put 17.25 cups / 8.4lbs of milk into the pail from twice a day milking.

South Mountain Athena: TeamMember
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