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Hello Blog + Hello March!

Our first blog post! I've delayed this for days. I haven't a clue what to write about!

Who wants to read my ramblings? Aren't there enough proper, well-written blogs on homesteading out there already?

What will I even focus on in this blog, or do I need a focus at all?

Let's see if there's enough 'primordial soup' here to work with.

I love this picture I took, while on the road one early Sunday morning in February.

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling pretty cooped up this time of year. I've got a list of farm projects to get going on but nothing gets done under a foot of snow. Facts.

The days are brighter and longer but weather in New England this time of year is very temperamental. As the spring equinox approaches, it's a good reminder that us farm folk are (and should be) humbled by mother nature every step of the way.

As much as I yearn to get going, and get going without a hat, gloves, or coveralls on, I want to remind myself that all this snow in my way is serving a great purpose. Snow is important here, it's important to our ecosystem. Patience!

Della waits by her window, lusting to wander.

Have you put thought into your garden yet?

This is the time to start thinking, if not stratifying, or even sprouting.

I think our homestead will crop specify rather than diversify this year. I seem to have been born without the Taurus green thumb, and we're still working to improve our clay soil bed that grows rocks.

I'll be aiming for more flowers, herbs, and crops meant for beginners (like beans! those grow great here!) The corn, squashes, tomatoes, and brassicas all deserve a break from me.

Our first group of goat kids should arrive at the end of March/beginning of April.

I will also be making some rabbit hutch repairs and starting spring bunny breeding soon. Rabbits do very well kindling this time of year, but those repairs I need to make are essential to keeping the kits healthy and safe, so they need to come first.

Those who know me won't be surprised that I have a detailed spreadsheet made for all our hopeful projects. The most immediate projects are going to include:

  1. Complete re-fencing and new housing for South East pen. This will become a goat birthing suite and baby nursery.

  2. Gutter over Mittens+Geoffrey's pen. Poor dears are in the flood zone with that metal roof funneling the rain onto them. We'll channel it into the duck pool instead with a gutter.

  3. Speaking of flood zones and mud: I got money set aside for 30 cubic yards of stone! All the walkways and selected parts of goat pens will be covered in several inches of stone to improve cleanliness and health for everyone.

  4. The Sables will have their mud problem fixed with the installation of a boardwalk. In this project we will also be adding new flooring for their shed and a complete expansion of their covered lounging space. Spoiled goaties!

  5. We will finally be making a permanent roof over the 2nd chicken run. This will actually be closed off from the chicken side and made into a turkey/duck shelter, still allowing them free range access during the day without letting the chickens out to be farm nuisances.

Plus...all the other normal farm things!

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