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These precious caprines seek long walks through the meadow and molasses tea.
Some are registration issue culls, some are space culls.  None are behavior culls!  Big focus on slimming our Nigerians because we literally don't have the space to retain any spring kids.

1 adult does + 2 mature bucks currently available, but watch our breeding schedule for more!



Nigerian, AGS+MDGA registered


As ADGA is still not accepting AGS goats, we are making the heart break decision to move along Patty Pat.
Our herd goals require purebred with ADGA or Minis with MDGA registrations, and ADGA just has not resumed accepting AGS goats again much to our dismay.
This guy, to our standards, is buck perfection.  It is a shame that paperwork is holding him back from shining for our needs.  Pat is an in-your-pocket kind of guy.  He wants your love, but he's a gentle love bug about it.  We trust him even with the smallest weaning bucklings.

For Sale: Meet the Team


Nigerian, ADGA+MDGA registered


Horton's got the spots!  He's a pretty boy.  I like his stockier build, but he is lacking in overall length.  Anxiously awaiting his first retained daughter to freshen.
Horton is not in-your-pocket like Pat is.  He is reserved about humans and prefers to leave your pockets alone.  He is not fearful and can be managed for routine needs just fine.
Slimming down on Nigerians means big time slimming down on Nigerian bucks.  We have two potential new herd sires arriving so will likely retain more of Horton's kids this spring but move him along.

For Sale: Meet the Team
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