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Nigerian Dwarf


Patrick has sired at least two dozen kids between Hungry Fox's herd and herds of our friends.  He's currently owned by a great friend of ours in a split custody arrangement haha!  What a lucky guy!

His temperament is simply perfection: mellow, gentle, and people oriented but not overly "in your pocket."  He's a very easy to board buck for trusted herds to borrow, but we always look forward to his return.
His pedigree may not include goats with long show histories, milk stars, or breeding awards, but he proves his essential value to our herd (and others!) with the kids he has produced.  His temperament has come through on all kids to date, as well as his strong and well-balanced build.  He's truly a beautiful boy and we hope to retain a doeling from him this year.
Mittens and Geoffrey, our only two pet goats, are the first kids he ever sired.

I will be working to get him dual registered with ADGA as soon as their system allows.

Bak Family Farm BFF Patrick: Meet the Team
Bak Family Farm BFF Patrick: Pro Gallery
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